亚博app手机版:郝伟11年后再成中超主帅 这位斯科拉里助教终圆梦

   Source of manuscript: Jinan Times 


   In fate, there will always be some coincidences. In 2009, 33-year-old Hao Wei was the first coach in Changsha Jinde, becoming the youngest head coach of the Super League at that time. In the autumn of 11 years later, under the age of 44, he took over the team after Li Xiaopeng left office and became the leader on the road to Luneng's championship. This time, he is still the youngest of the current 16 Super League coaches. . Since starting his professional career at Luneng, whether as a player or a coach, Hao Wei has never stopped pursuing higher goals. Although there are bumps along the way, he still chose to persist. It is this persistence that allows him to take on the heavy responsibility in this era of change, leading Luneng to launch the final sprint to the team's season goals.

命运总会有一些巧合。 2009年,现年33岁的郝玮是长沙金德的第一位教练,成为当时中超联赛中最年轻的主教练。 11年的秋天,在44岁以下的李小鹏离任后,他接管了球队,成为了鲁能锦标赛冠军的领导者。这次,他仍然是目前16名中超联赛中最年轻的教练。 。自从在鲁能开始职业生涯以来,无论是作为球员还是教练,郝伟都从未停止追求更高的目标。尽管在这过程中遇到了困难,但他仍然选择坚持。正是这种执着让他能够在这个变化的时代承担起沉重的责任,从而带领鲁能向球队的赛季目标发起最后的冲刺。

"The second stage of the game is about to begin. We will continue to work hard together and go all out to strive for the victory of each game. We will return the trust of the leaders and the support of the fans with our excellent results." This is what Hao Wei said at the expedition ceremony. declaration. Coaching Luneng's first game is to face Beijing Guoan, who used to play as a player. For him, no matter what the result is, this is destined to be an experience worth remembering.

“比赛的第二阶段即将开始。我们将继续共同努力,全力以赴,争取每场比赛的胜利。我们将以出色的成绩回报领导人的信任和球迷的支持。 。”这是郝伟在考察仪式上说的。宣言。教练鲁能的第一场比赛是面对曾经以球员身份出战的北京国安队。对于他来说,无论结果如何,这注定是值得记忆的经历。



   The first label of Hao Wei as a player was a name that now sounds a bit distant-China Jianlibao Youth Team. This team was formed and trained with the goals of the 2000 Olympics and the 2002 and 2006 World Cups. In the summer of 1992, Hao Wei participated in the selection of players for the Jianlibao youth team to study abroad in Brazil. In the end, he was the only Shandong national player selected and was selected as the first Chinese football team with future famous players such as Li Tie and Li Jinyu. In 1997, the Chinese national team recruited Li Jinyu, Li Tie, Sui Dongliang, Zhang Xiaorui, Li Weifeng and Hao Wei from the Jianlibao youth team. They were called the "Six Little Swans" of Jianlibao.

郝玮作为球员的第一个标签是一个听起来有些遥远的名字,即中国健力宝青年队。该团队的组成和训练以2000年奥运会,2002年和2006年世界杯为目标。 1992年夏天,郝薇参加了健力宝青年队去巴西留学的球员选拔。最后,他是唯一入选山东省国家队的球员,并被选为第一支中国足球队,其后有李铁和李金羽等未来的著名球员。 1997年,中国国家队从健力宝青年队招募了李金玉,李铁,隋东亮,张晓瑞,李伟峰和郝伟。他们被称为健力宝的“六只小天鹅”。

   In August 1998, the Jianlibao youth team was officially disbanded and Hao Wei started his career as a professional player at Luneng. In the A League that year, 22-year-old Hao Wei wearing the No. 31 jersey appeared 11 times and scored 1 goal. Since then, he has gradually gained a firm foothold on the team's back line, and his fast speed and strong running ability have been given ample room for display. The number 4 jersey once became his exclusive number. In the 1999 season, Hao Wei as the team's main player experienced the historical moment when Luneng won the double crown.

1998年8月,健力宝青年队正式解散,郝伟开始了在鲁能职业球员的职业生涯。在那一年的A联赛中,身穿31号球衣的22岁的郝伟出现了11次,打进1球。从那以后,他逐渐在车队的后线站稳了脚跟,他的快速速度和强大的奔跑能力得到了足够的展示空间。 4号球衣曾经成为他的专属号码。在1999赛季,郝炜作为球队的主要球员经历了鲁能赢得双冠王的历史时刻。

   In the 2003 season, Hao Wei bid farewell to Luneng and transferred to Shaanxi Guoli. With his outstanding performance, he became the first national football player since the establishment of Shaanxi Guoli.


   One year later, in 2004, Hao Wei joined Beijing Guoan in the first year of the Super League. This transfer can be called a twists and turns. Prior to this, Shaanxi Guoli had always called Hao Wei "not for sale" in public, and even did not list him for a while. In order to solve the vacancy in the guard, Guoan contacted Hao Wei and Guoli very early. In the negotiations between the two sides, Guoan, who was in desperate need of defense generals, showed great sincerity. At the last minute, the two sides finally resolved the contradiction in payment methods. The National Power listed Hao Wei, and the Football Association also recognized Hao Wei's qualifications. However, Hao Wei, who moved to Guoan, has been plagued by injuries frequently, and has failed to perform astonishingly during his three years at Guoan.


   In the 2007 season, Hao Wei came to the last stop of his career as a professional player-Changsha Jinde, and embarked on the road of coaching from here.




  After retiring, Hao Wei continued to work in Changsha Jinde as an assistant coach. Meanwhile, he also coached the Hunan National Games as the head coach. In the 2009 season, Hao Wei returned to the Super League stage as the head coach. Due to Kinder’s unbeatable record of 11 consecutive games in the second half of the league, the club decided to remove Zhu Bo from his coaching position. The 33-year-old assistant coach Hao Wei became the team’s acting coach, which also created the record for the youngest coach in the Super League.


   Under the leadership of Hao Wei, Changsha Jinde finally succeeded in relegation in the 2009 season, and he naturally obtained the qualification to continue coaching. In the 2010 season, Changsha Jinde had a good start and once ranked in the top six, but since then the team has a poor record and fell to the bottom of the bottom at the end of the half. In this way, Hao Wei, who had won widespread praise at the beginning of the season, dismissed get out of class in June 2010, and a trip to the Super League came to an end.


   Later, Hao Wei came to the Chinese women's football team. At first, he served as the team's assistant coach to assist former golden partner Li Xiaopeng. In 2012, Li Xiaopeng left the Chinese women's football team, Hao Wei became his successor. In the three years of the Chinese women's football team, Hao Wei has devoted a lot of effort to this team and has won widespread recognition in the industry. In 2015, the 7th Women's World Cup was held in Canada. Hao Wei led the team to qualify from the group. In the quarter-finals, the Chinese women's football team regrettably lost 0:1 to the American women's football team, which won the championship. Although he failed to go further in the World Cup, the changes Hao Wei brought to the team are obvious. In this tournament, the Chinese women's football team with an average age of 23.5 is the youngest team. In a match against New Zealand in the group stage, a 20-year-old Chinese girl used a series of moves such as a Marseille maneuver to pass the opponent's many players. She is Wang Shuang. In addition, players such as Wang Shanshan and Wu Haiyan who participated in the World Cup are now the main players in women's football.

后来,郝薇来到了中国女足。起初,他担任车队的助理教练,以协助前金牌搭档李小鹏。 2012年,李小鹏离开了中国女足,郝薇成为他的继任者。在中国女子足球队的三年中,郝薇为此付出了巨大的努力,并赢得了业界的广泛认可。 2015年,第七届女足世界杯在加拿大举行。郝玮带领球队从小组赛中晋级。在四分之一决赛中,中国女足遗憾地以0:1输给了获得冠军的美国女足。尽管他未能在世界杯比赛中走得更远,但郝炜带给球队的变化是显而易见的。在本次比赛中,中国女足平均年龄为23.5岁,是年龄最小的球队。在小组赛中与新西兰队的比赛中,一名20岁的中国女孩采取了一系列动作,例如马赛回旋,以超越对手的众多球员。她是王爽。此外,参加世界杯的王珊珊,吴海燕等球员现在是女足的主要球员。

   In 2015, Hao Wei succeeded Li Tie and joined Guangzhou Evergrande coached by Scolari as the only Chinese coach. Talking about the feeling of working next to this world-famous coach, Hao Wei once said: "Being around Scolari has benefited a lot. This has saved me from taking some detours on the road of coaching in the future, and obviously feels that there is an improvement in tactics. Like in the past, a certain position may have a requirement for the players, but now I find that the same position and the same players can have many requirements; and how to improve the player’s state and relieve the pressure of the players in the game. And how to adjust the psychology of the players, I have learned a lot from the coach." From the women's football coach to the club assistant coach, Hao Wei did not have a psychological gap due to the change of position. "I think the responsibilities assigned to each position are different. After arriving at Evergrande, you must do your best to play the role of assistant coach. There is also an important point, as long as it is good for the team, good for the club, and good for the whole team. The benefits, we should do our best. This general direction and goal will never change." He said.

2015年,郝玮接替李铁,并在斯科拉里(Scolari)的带领下加入了广州恒大,成为唯一的中国教练。谈到与这位举世闻名的教练相亚博手机版唯一官方网站邻的工作时,郝伟曾经说过:“与斯科拉里在一起很有益。这使我免于将来在教练之路上走弯路,显然,我觉得在那里和过去一样,某个位置可能会对玩家有要求,但现在我发现同一位置和同一玩家可能有很多要求;以及如何改善玩家的状态并减轻压力游戏中的球员。以及如何调整球员的心理,我从教练那里学到了很多东西。”从女子足球教练到俱乐部助理教练,郝玮由于职位变动而没有心理鸿沟。 “我认为分配给每个职位的职责是不同的。到达恒大之后,您必须尽力扮演助理教练的角色。还有一点很重要,只要对团队有利,对团队有利俱乐部,对整个团队都有好处。利益,我们应该尽力而为。这个总体方向和目标永远不会改变。”他说。



   Hao Wei's excellent work at Evergrande also attracted the attention of Luneng. In 2017, under the operation of Luneng, Hao Wei finally returned to the place where his career dream began. The target of his assistance is still Li Xiaopeng. The story later, everyone already knows well, with the concerted efforts of the brothers, Luneng, who was on the verge of relegation, quickly returned to the right track and maintained a stable record. Of course, there are also regrets such as missing the two-time FA Cup champion...

郝伟在恒大的出色工作也引起了鲁能的关注。 2017年,在鲁能的带领下,郝玮终于回到了他的职业梦想开始的地方。他的援助目标仍然是李小鹏。后来的故事,每个人都早已知道,在即将降级的卢能兄弟的共同努力下,他们迅速回到了正确的轨道并保持了稳定的记录。当然,也有遗憾,例如缺少两届足总杯冠军……



   Being the head coach of the Super League team is not easy, and it is even more difficult to be the local coach of the Super League team. In this regard, Li Xiaopeng is an obvious example. With the ability to be widely recognized, the physical and psychological pressure brought by long-term coaching made Li Xiaopeng choose to leave in the third year of coaching. Hao Wei must have a deep understanding of this.


   At the expedition ceremony to Suzhou, Luneng once again expressed his determination to win the championship. It can be said that apart from the replacement of the coach, the overall strength of the team has not fluctuated much, and Hao Wei has also become a key figure in this special battle between Beijing and Lu. The performance of Luneng will also be an important scoring basis for Hao Wei's second trip to the Super League coach.


   After Li Xiaopeng resigned, Luneng said in an official statement that the team's insistence on training local coaches will not change, which laid the foundation for Hao Wei's work. It’s just that the future is full of changes. Hao Wei’s coaching road is destined to take on full responsibility and pressure. He hopes that he can go further on the road of carrying forward with heavy burdens. (New Times reporter Hou Chao)

李晓鹏辞职后,鲁能在官方声明中表示,球队对训练本地教练的坚持不会改变,这为郝玮的工作打下了基础。只是未来充满了变化。郝玮的教练之路注定要承担全部责任和压力。他希望他能在继续承担沉重负担的道路上走得更远。 (新时报记者侯超)

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